HandBrake for Mac

Welcome To Our Handbrake for Mac Fan Site!

  Handbrake for Mac is an innovative software that converts any video or movie to the format you desire. With HandBrake you can watch your favorite movies in any iOS device by converting it to a special format. HandBrake is available on Mac, PC and Linux, and is essentially an open source code encoder that makes DVD ripping easier. You can also grab subtitles, section the DVD into chapters and set the max video size.

HandBrake for Mac!

Imagine this scenario – you are sitting in front on your TV, on your comfortable couch ready to see the movie you just ordered from your Cable host, or possibly the DVD a friend gave you. You are just about ready to watch it, but before that you make sure your DVD device records the movie, but alas, the format is restricted, it is unrecordable! Well, guess what with Handbrake there are almost no limitations to what you can do!

What HandBrake for Mac does?

With Handbrake you can grab and rip a video file or a DVD from numerous sources, and then output the file in virtually any format you desire, such as MP4, MKV or even MPEG-4. You can even control your recorded DVD even better, such as bit rate selection, including a max video file size and audio rate configuration! Handbrake is a definite must for any film enthusiast out there!